Saturday, October 3, 2009

World Card Making Day tomorrow :p

Well Hubby asked if I wanted to go out with him to the car dealership and then we were going to meet some friends at a winery and come home. However the car dealership ended up being a 4 hr wait and of course I had finished my book on the way there :p At least all that wait and we drove out in an 09 Miata same color as what he had but a tan top with leather interior. The best thing I like is heated seats so my butt won't freeze when it's above 40 degrees and sunny out so the top will be down! :D

We were too late for the winery but we drove out to meet our friends and get some empty wine bottles so Steve can bottle some of the wine he's got going. Long drive home and I'm nuking dinner right now.

Tomorrow: finish laundry, clean ferret cage, stitch and make a card :D

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