Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TUSAL update

ok forgot to get a pic on the 22nd so got one today since I found the travel baggie :D


My lonely empty jar. It used to be so full of orts from when I started stitching! Didn't know what to do with the old stuff so I tossed it :p


Fidget said...

'sok, Ziggyeor! Don't worry, it will fill up again in due time. Don't forget you can add all sorts of stitching related goodies like floss bands, kaput needles, beads -- any leftovers/throw-aways from stitching projects. :o)

Yoyo said...

It will fill up know some stitchers are filling those clear glass Christmas balls with orts, another lady told me she uses her to "make fabric", she a really new member and I can't remember her name off hand but you're crafty, maybe you can try "making fabric", it's really way toooooo cool. I'm really surprised at the numbers of things I'm learning you can do with orts. Keep up the good work, you'll have a full jar soon.