Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yeah it's the first day of October! All though this morning I wrote the 10th on the board because I was thinking this month was my Mom's Birthday :p LOL The kids caught it.

Waiting for Page Maps to load the new LO's. I haven't scrapped since August? Maybe next week I'll get to it when the schools are out for Fall Break :p I also have photos to get developed from Snap Fish it keeps reminding me to order! I missed the free shipping deal but I just made the account so I have free photos. Really need to get them done.

Still in the A's of movie watching. Watched Almost Famous and stitched a bit then ate dinner and didn't pick up the stitching. Hadn't seen the movie before so was enjoying it. I got a little out of order because Hubby bought The Wizard of Oz on Blue Ray so I watched the last half and some of the trailers. It looks great on Blue Ray and they left the grain in so it doesn't look too odd. It's a 70 year old movie I expect that to be there. It is a little weird to see the make up lines on the Lion.

I had a half day of work today and came home and waited for someone to get sick but as it's 12:28 I don't think that's going to happen so I'm going to eat something for lunch, take a walk, find something to do and maybe watch Always and stitch. I've had that DVD forever and I don't think I've ever watched it!

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