Saturday, October 31, 2009

stuck on the letter B

Started watching the Back to the Future series but then stopped at the 3rd one. I've been reading books and stitching a small project while listening to Hockey Games or watching TV.

Going to watch some scary movies and stitch though. Maybe I won't get too freaked out that way. Though the first thing I want to watch isn't that bad ;) Nightmare Before Christmas :D

Haven't taken a pic of the TUSAL either. I'll get on that after I finish the letter B!

Haven't scrapped either. I've been piling stuff in my room and it would need to be cleaned first so that gets me :p Then I have pics I need to get developed. ah well eventually I will ;)

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween :D

1 comment:

Yoyo said...

Hi girl...Welcome to the Christmas Design SAL....a dragon? Oh, that sounds exciting. There is a dragon stocking out there that I've wanted to get forever, but can't find, maybe you are stitching it.

Send me a picture of your leaflet or kit, something that has the design so I can put it in the member list [yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com].