Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Crush

I was too late for the January Crazy challenge so yesterday I remembered to start for February. I'm calling it February Crush Challenge but it's just me :p so just work on what you started in January or if you missed out like me you can start now and just start a new project until Valentine's Day :)

I bought these patterns and fabric back in 2004 when I first started stitching. I finally got most of the over dyed floss around my B-day when a friend game me a gift certificate.

February Crush

Here is my first pattern. I need to dig out my first piece ever to show just how much I Like the bunnies ;)

This is what I did last night watching Hockey (I did stitch a little of my Hockey stitch since I got in the floss I needed from Dimensions)

Day 1

Look Words! and not some blobby bit of a snow covered tree!

Tonight's pattern.
February Crush day 2

I see these are numbered or in a series so now I'm wondering if I started with one or two.

FC 2 start

More words! 3 words seems to be it for a hockey game though last night I did stitch some of the Hockey stitch but the game went into a shoot out so I had more time to stitch!

While I'm at it since I believe New Moon is tonight or tomorrow the TUSAL!

This is Jim in the making ;)
Jim in the making

Isn't he adorable! LOL. George is still sitting under my monitor if anyone is wondering. I need to carefully take him to a friends house and see if she has some spray adhesive I can use to set him.

And just because I scrapped today! This was for the Let's Scrap sketch challenge. The pictures are from my Aunt Ouida's 100th B-day. She passed last year at 101 1/2.
Most of the papers are by Colorbok Woodhaven. The gray papers sticking out of the photos are something else. The stamp that says Family is Colorbok Woodhaven, too.
family gathers


Fidget said...

LOL! You named your ort clump Jim? That's great! It's something that never would have occured to me. The new samplers are great. Never knew you were into that sort of thing. I like the page you did for your Aunt. She looked like a happy person that had a long and rich life.

Sue said...

Hi ya
beautiful work, lovely samples, great layout on your scrapbook page, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (36)

katica said...

Great scrapping, it looks lovely. Love your projects too, I just love LHN, but for some reason I just don't stitch them enough! Love Jim, he's coming along nicely, and George is fantastic!

Bec said...

LOL! Jim. I love it.
Actually, this morning before I saw your post, I was trying to figure out if my ORT's were a boy or girl. :)

Great patterns! You have made a goof start to them also.
I am looking forward to watching them grow.

Happy stitching

Shelley said...

ha! love that you've named your ort clump!

Lovely double layout too :)

mommaidwf said...

You sure have a lot of stitching projects going on, lol. I can't do more than one at a time or none of them will ever get done. Nice layouts too!

Victoria said...

beautiful croass stitch thank you for visiting my blog

Heather said...

You had very good taste when you started stitching! =) Those are some beautiful pieces...and the words have to get done sometime!

Blu Stitcher said...

Thank You so much for the well wishes. My wrist is doing much better and I am going to try stitching tomorrow

What a great idea for your February Crush. I really look forward to seeing all you get projects.


Margaret said...

I love your February challenge so far! Great projects and great starts! Nice scrapbooking as well!

Stitcher S said...

Love the ORTs! So bright and fun.

Your work is lovely--stitching and scrapping. :)


Threeundertwo said...

I love the bunny sampler! Such a cute little saying. Thanks for stopping by my blog - so nice to find yours!

Lynn said...

You've got some great stitching going on!!! Love Jim! And love how you've named him!!

Daffycat said...

Jim is sure cute! ROFL Great TU update!