Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Stitches

My friend had Cabin Fever so I had her pick me up for lunch today because I figured she had a little more experience driving on ice than I did. Not really but she wasn't freaking out like I would have been. We went out to eat sushi. Here's my yummy bento box.

Then we went 'window' shopping. Yeah there might have been an oops on the look but don't buy but my friend made sure I'd use it and I made sure she'd use her stuff too ;)
After the 'window' shopping she had to run by my place so I could get my stitching so I could stitch while we watched a movie at her place. I forgot my scissors so I had to use giant ones and also got into the fact that I had three pairs of scissors for Cross-stitch. She was like you need 3 pairs of scissors for cross-stitch? I told her no but explained the three scissors I had and that I used to have 4 but one got lost (and it had a big fob on it too I was mad!) I also had to explain fobs to her and she didn't get that either. She had to look it up on the after I told her it wasn't any more pointless than tea cozies or knitted ipod covers! (Yeah she had to look up both of those too :D )
So here's what I got done on my Love Quilt Square while watching Easy A (hilarious btw) and half of Despicable Me! (also, hilarious and family friendly!) {We watched half of the movie because my friend likes the It's So Fluffy! line where they 'win' the Unicorn}

Then she dropped me off back home and later on was the hockey game so I went back and did the top of the tree that I had to frog yesterday and started on some light gray too. My team won 5-2 so I'm taking that as a good sign that I didn't mess up anywhere else.

Tomorrow is yet another snow day :p I'm going to try to clean some of the house before I watch movies and sit on my butt. Maybe I'll even clean my craft room and scrapbook! (gasp my other friend will do a happy dance if I scrapbook!)


Cole said...

I love Despicable Me, it's such a cute movie! Enjoy your stitchfest!

Shelley said...

Lovely progress! That lunch looks delish too :)

geeky Heather said...

Yumyumyum bento box! Your friend sounds like a real skeptic, LOL!!! You should make a fob for her so she catches the I need to see both of those movies!!

Ziggyeor said...

bwahaha yes I should! After she saw the tea cozies she told her boyfriend when he came home that I was making a tea cozy for their wedding present :p

I need to make a good geeky fob for her.