Thursday, January 13, 2011

scrappy Squee

I'm a Fiskateer, even though it's been ages since I visited the forum!, and when Fiskars was still carrying paper lines I signed up for surveys to say what I liked and didn't. They also have them for their tools. Then Fiskars dropped the paper lines to just focus on tools so the paper lines went to Color Bok and now I do their surveys. If you do the survey within a time period are in the first 50 or 100 whatever requirement they give you they send you stuff! I had actually gotten a box a while ago and I have some of it to a friend and kept some stickers and stamps for myself. However this is all MINE!

It's an album kit with papers and punch-outs. I remember when this came out and I wanted it so bad but I kept myself from buying it because I couldn't think of anything I would scrap with it. Now I'm going to take pictures to scrap with it! Or make cards, or just make something for the heck of it!


Shelley said...

Awesome kit to add to your stash! I might have to check out the Fiskers site. Enjoy the kit :)

Margaret said...

Nice kit! I also love the food you ate at the Sushi place. And your stitching -- very nice! Thanks for commenting on my blog!