Friday, January 14, 2011

What the? Well at least half the blue is done.

I stitched the little star and asteroid over Christmas and you would have think I would have looked the picture of my pattern and the stitching and realized I had stitched the wrong color? I looked at it today and said to myself why isn't there a orange dot? OH it's supposed to be BLUE or blueish gray like what's on the left of the bottom flame. Apparently I read the numbers to the left side of the symbol :p I guess the star and asteroid that will be on the left side will have some extra orange and a dot spaced out there somewhere just to balance it out.

On a good note the blue on the right side is done. I'm hoping I have another skein of it though because it's looking mighty skimpy!


Scully said...

Ooo, I just found your blog through a comment you left on mine, you were commenting on that I'm from the 'burgh, hockey, and a I can't believe that you do Love Quilts! Awesomeness. We visited Nashville once, to attend a Steelers game, had a great time and LOVED Tennessee. Beautiful.

I don't notice a thing wrong with the colors on your square...only you will know.

Blu Stitcher said...

I just found your blog also, What a cute blog you have made. How did you get your hubby to let you have a crafty room and would he come and talk to mine, LOL.


sheri said...

That's something I would do! Glad you can work it out without frogging it all. Sometimes I'd almost rather start over than frog!