Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spreading the Word and I hate Frogs

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I was going to post a picture tonight but I realized I have only 2 movies in the C section and then I'm done so I'll wait a bit on showing the big piece. Then I was taking out my stuff to continue my hockey stitch while watching his team play. Not only did my team lose last night but they gave me a frog. So I had to undo the gray at the top of the tree. Luckily that's the only bit on that piece. I have a few frogs sitting on the big stitch but I'm ignoring them. It's just background wall and who cares if a stalactite is crooked. A tree might look discombobulated or about to fall on the kids or the house or off put how to frame the darn thing so that frog was a bright red amazon tree frog that had to be dealt with and now I don't feel like stitching.

Tomorrow is yet another snow day. So I'll be doing some cleaning since I've been mostly sitting on my tush and stitching. Then I'm going to brave a bit of street to get to a friends house who is suffering cabin fever.

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Sylvia said...

Your stitching is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment! Have a wonderful snow day tomorrow!