Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Stitchy or Scrappy updates but I am going crazy.

I planned on some stitching today but instead I tidied up around where all my stitching stuff is. I put all the stuff that's done stitched and needs to be finished in one bag. I set up floss for a little project and started gathering floss for my winter snowman pattern. Cross-stitch and Needlework magazine had put out patterns for snowman themed door hangers for the four seasons and I've stitched the spring and summer one. I bought fabric for the fall and winter ones and I can't find the pattern for the fall snowman. I did find the summer snowman bag of floss which had the krienik I bought to jazz up the words for the fall snowman but I can't find the magazine! I think I took the whole thing because it was September issue and it was a lot of Halloween stuff. When I was stitching the spring one my friend had a subscription to the magazine so she gave me her magazines or for the winter one I tore out the pattern because other people wanted stuff that was in it. It's just bugging me I don't remember where I put the magazine! It's probably like the orange in my pattern staring me right in the face.

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Scully said...

That was me pretty much everytime I wanted to craft until I organized my own craft room. When I did, I discovered two or three of the same things, becasue when I couldn't lay my hands on it, I would go out and buy another one! LOL