Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dress Up Day Feb 2nd and cross-stitch

 My new dress from Target and my new hose by Vera Wang that I got at Kohls.  I layered them with my solid blue to make the pattern stand out a bit more.
A pattern that wasn't in my WIP but I decided to do a Love Quilt Square for a little girl that wanted Hearts, Flowers and the word Love.  Trusty stash of Calendar patterns to the rescue!  Couldn't find one with all three but I really like this one.  It's due July 1st lets see if I get it stitched and sent out on time.  Last quilt the Joy was done and sitting on the washer and was sent out right before the due date :p  I have a few min so I might have time to start going through floss before work.
Yesterday I did more of the border and marked on my fabric lightly with pencil to find the end!  I need to bring a little packet of pins or something to mark these things.  Especially the Crap now I have to Wrap one because that one doesn't have the same check pattern as the others.  It's solid then check and solid again.  I also did some back-stitching on Best Stressed while watching Robin Hood.  Still can't find the beading needle that fell into the couch.


Carla said...

nice dress
the love chart is beautiful, look forward to seeing your progress

Ziggyeor said...

I'm laughing my behind off. Last night I decided to start on this and I read the color chart wrong. I was stitching the green diamonds but mine are all yellow! Hrm leave it as it is or start all over.

diamondc said...

Beautiful dress Target is my favorite store, I love the heart pattern stars can be yellow or green or whatever color a person likes.

Mouse said...

ooo nice dress and lovely new chart for the quilt and I think a magnet is req to find that needle before your derrière does love mouse xxxx