Thursday, February 23, 2012

eek don't let me slip back into old habits! TUSAL Report

Ok here's my TUSAL for the month.  I like my orni.  It makes it look like there are a lot more orts than when I did my rectangular rainbow tribble maker.  They might need to get tapped down.

I was hoping to stitch with my friends at Shoney's but when I called at 7:30 they were leaving because there was some other group in the backroom doing a meeting and they didn't want to disturb them :(  Maybe next week.

Not blogged for a bit but I've still been stitching on my Love square though I haven't touched the Dolly Mama's.  On Saturday I bought the 18 count material to do my Monopoly board to scale.  I started on Monday which marked a year since my Granny had passed away.  I hope to find 3 charms to put on the board: her, Pawpaw and their son Brian who was 9 when he passed from Leukemia.

I don't have anything planned for this weekend.  Tomorrow I will stitch more on the ferret and maybe scrapbook.  My Aunt and Uncle and their kids went down to FL to see my parents and will be coming back this way on Saturday so I may go out to eat with them.

Since I broke down and got a can of Dr. Pepper I will now be up all night so I'm debating on scrapping or stitching.

Mental Floss magazine posted a brief article on their fb page of 11 people that overcame disabilties.  One was this woman, Peng Jiangya, in China who burned her hands as a child and with no hands has learned how to cross-stitch and is hoping to sell her pictures to tourists.  Amazing video of how she stitches.

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Meari said...

That's quite a bit of orts!