Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dress Up Day 11 and 12

 Yesterday There was a Hockey game so I stitched some on Rivalry.  Realized that some of the 2 over 2 stitches were not done with 2 strands of krinek so tried to go back but couldn't really tell the difference.  Ah well.  Wore all black and it was really cold when I went out and I didn't get a scarf so bought one from Walmart for 2.50  didn't get a  pic but it's black with white and gray polkadots.  I actually wore a "pink" necklace!  A friend brought us these Rose Stone necklaces that only come from a certain place in Asia, it's very pretty.
 Today a little casual but it's Sunday, business causal is only Mon-Fri!  I did some stitching on my quilt square and watched an episode of Star Trek The Original Series.  Hubs is catching up on Bones so might join him and stitch some.


KaLu - Claudia said...

great progress !
love seeing the different outfits you put together!
where i work i dont need to dress up much so im pretty much a jeans and tsthirt kind of girl =)

Mouse said...

ooo well done on the progress and I am amazed at all these different outfits you have got .... lol love mouse xxxxx

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching and gorgeous purple dress