Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Monday

Well it would have been fun if I could have stitched Monopoly on Monday while watching Margin Call, but I needed to get air in the tires and finally take An Object of Beauty back to the library.  The librarian was nice to remind me that Margin Call will be due on Wed to avoid late fees so maybe tomorrow morning I can watch it.
Neil Gaiman put a link to NPR on his facebook and I really enjoyed listening to The Magnetic Fields
Did some stitching at work to fill in more of the letter L heart and my friend remembered her stitching to show me her progress.  I had given her some little kits to start her with that used yarn.  She messed it up so she went to Michael's and bought fabric and floss but because she had used yarn she used all 6 strands.  She did buy 11 or some other really large count so it may have needed three.  It didn't look too bad though.  I hope one Saturday we can get together and I can sit with her and show her how.  I was missing my scissors though, not that I thought she'd make off with them but if my friend A's dog can destroy a project I didn't want her dogs destroying my mitten scissor fob that S had made me.  I'll get a pic of it later it's the cutest little mitten and she knit it herself!
I hope everyone had as a good as Monday as Monday can be.

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