Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crafty Saturday

 This evenings stitching progress.  I'm leaving the green to fill in at work.
I went over to a friends to scrapbook and managed 2 pages as I forgot the printed journaling for the third.  Wish I had printed out my journaling for these as my handwriting is awful.  It got a little mangled when I had to slide it back in my cropper bag but it's still good.  10 Things I Love about Ponder for a challenge at Scrapping the Moments.
 Taffy made the puzzle piece in a swap I had joined in.  A picture of the two leashes still hanging on the cage and my journaling about how Pratchett was the only one who did well on his leash and I miss taking him to the pet store.  Ponder becomes a dust mop.


Topcho said...

I really love your scrapbook sheets :D

Lourdes said...

Thank you very much for yours comments in my blog.
I visit you again.
Best regards.