Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hockey Stitch

This was last year's Christmas Stitch that I was supposed to work on one week out of every month. I had gotten it in December and started on a bit of it during Christmas before that and hoped the challenge would help me continue. I also stitched on it during Hockey games (or more accurately the darn commercials they replay every break)
Then came May and my team was in the Stanley Cup playoffs and lost to one of the representatives teams in piece. So didn't want to stitch on it after that :p

Hubs was upstairs watching his hockey game so I figured that was a good time to pull this out and start stitching again. My team plays later tonight so if I listen to the game I might get more done on it! If I find a feed to watch it, it will be stitch, stitch, hold needle in air until there's a stop in play, oh darn where was I?


Crystal said...

It is looking good, so far. I need to get back to my Christmas piece I started in the Christmas SAL with you last year.

Ziggyeor said...

Is there anyone else doing a Christmas SAL?

Cole said...

Great piece! Do you have a picture of the whole piece or the name of it?