Saturday, October 11, 2008

Living Vicariously

I saw on Tim Holtz's blog that he was going to be in the Dallas area Michaels so I posted on Start A Scrapbook and Just Scrappin cause I knew two ladies lived near there :D

My friend Karen and her daughter Cait with Tim

Pics Karen got
Love the smile ;)


Karen got to meet my friend Taffy!

And Taffy got to meet Tim :D Aren't their signs cute! (ok had to resize pics and now you can't read it :p Tim's Sign: Hi Ziggs Taffy's sign: From Tim & Taffy and they drew clouds around it.

I was jealous of a lady on Serendipity that had a pic of her and Tim as her avatar so I made Taffy and Tim into an avatar to live vicarioulsy :D

Thanks ladies for running into town and letting me live Vicariously through you :D I think I'm going to figure out how to make those cute make and take it's ya'll did. (You can see Karen wearing hers in the pic with Taffy :D )


KarenB said...

Zigs I am glad you enjoyed the pics but it would have been so much better if you could have been there with us!! Muah dahlin'!!!

Taffy said...

I posted a few more pix on SAS for ya! :) hahahaha

Of course, i woudln't do it for anyone but you!! :)

Glad you liked the sign :) hahaha

It was great to meet your friend. I can't wait to scrap w/her one of these days..

southernbellescrapper said...

Oh wow! This so rocks! Karen and Taffy! I'm jealous! I am so glad yall had a good time!!! And happy for you too Zig! Maybe one of these days that will be you in the photo chicka! ;)