Saturday, October 18, 2008

13 Challenge in 13 Days Tim Holtz

what think I have a crop and not be inspired by Tim Holtz!? LOL I was at an antique store today wishing I had his brain cause I would have seen awesome stuff to do with old post office box fronts LOL something Halloween themed ;) and be inspired by Tim ;)

I know we don't all have crackle paints or fragments or the cool stamp or at least paint and ink that match like that :p LOL But you can stickle some letters, if you don't have his Distresser for edging all it is, is a thread cutter! I got one for like 2 dollars at AC Moore just a one side so check out your sewing supplies or sewing section! Use regular paint if you don't have crackle. I know I did an old Bowling LO I colored some of the cirlcle tags with metal rims to look like bowling balls, punched two more holes did rubon letters and covered them with clear circle stickers to make them look like bowling balls. So take anything clear and stick it over a paper element to make it pop out more (also works with those marble things you put in fish bowls if you don't mind weight)

Hope ya'll SEE POSABLITIES! (lol sry referencing his shirts :D )


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