Thursday, October 23, 2008

for 10 Things to See/Do/Eat challenge

In trying to think of a 10 things before I die list my first thought of places was Italy but there was a lot more to that. So sparcely listed 10 things I (and hubby) would do if we went to Italy.
journaling 10 things to do in Itally
1 find the sculptures of Bernini in Rome 2. Pluto and Persephone is in another city. (top left pic) The Vatican The leaning Tower of Piza Trevi Fountain, Venice, Wine Country Ruins anywhere Roman Holiday - visit all the places in the movie
For hubby Ferrari Factory tour if they do them
but first I have to win the lotto!

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southernbellescrapper said...

Great job! I want to go to Italy!!!!!