Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Reads

Jan 2 – Mar 6th Winter Reads There’s not any word on my library’s Winter Reading Program so I will start my own here. Read 6 books from Jan 2nd to March 6th and participate in the Wednesday Reading discussion. Comments will be counted as one entry in the drawing. On March 6th you will post a list/picture of the books you read during the reading program. Then put your link in the comments here on my March 6th post so I know to go find you and leave you a comment. Everyone who reads 6 books will have earned two entries and posters of any book will receive one. I will tally everything and produce the winner by the 13th. Probably because I haven’t stitched the prize yet ;) Ok some adjustments to my ZQC community post and we've got one that works for the blog. Happy reading. I got the library notice saying my books are due back today and I haven't even finished the one! So some quick reading of that one and then I can probably knock out the graphic novel and I'll renew the other 2 on Friday. Only my graphic novel will count since I started the other book before Jan. I guess that should be a note, all books should be started now and not something you're finishing up. It can be something that you read before and I'll take books you read to your children as well.


Topcho said...

Is this something like a read-a-thon/read-a-long? Woo hoo! I'm so into all kinds of reading challenges and events right now. Please count me in! I will post about it in my new bookish blog :D

diamondc said...

I am going to join I love to read however lately I have done little so this is my chance to get back on the reading wagon.
Happy Newyear

Topcho said...

oh my, did I missed my first Wednesday reading discussion? XD That's some start for me XD Or did I get the rules wrong :? Hmm anyway, so since the start of the year I managed to read some pages of Big red tequilla (but it was started last year, so it won't count here) and two new starts - one of my "guilty reads" that is for now boring me and Leviathan that was so gorgeous I had to leave it for now, because I knew I wouldn'r be able to stop reading - and I'm having exam session right now! So january won't be very book-heavy, but I will catch up in February for sure.