Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Reads Week 3!

Yes I forgot last weeks post since I was on vacation. Topcho remembered and posted in my original Winter Reads post! Good going! The library just posted they are doing theirs. At least I give a little longer to read 6 books! I forgot about the sign up until I was walking out of the library but they have the forms to print off this year. For Winter Reads instead of doing a list they have you write a review of the book you read. Since it's only for adults and teens over 14 it's not so hard. I guess they figure all the other kids are reading a bazillion books in school for reading programs they don't do a kids thing. I did get a book mark started while on the way home. I bought a piece of fabric for $1 since it was cheeper than the predone bookmark and I could stitch more. Of course the one I cut out was too small! I had to stop and start on the edge to get it in the right spot and then I'll cut it out and finish up the edges. Also pictured, is the book I checked out and my new orts container that I got for Christmas. My friend S made it for me. She kept seeing the Eeyore at the store and wanted to get it for me but didn't want to just give it to me as it was so she took some fabric and edging and glued him to the top. Its adorable! I guess if I fill it up I can dump them into the RRTM (Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker). I still haven't hit up last years Rainbow Tribble with spray adhesive and I need to do research on what Jim Kirk's sons name.
So what has everyone else read? How many books are you up to? Anything you started 2 Wednesdays ago counts, I take ebooks, audio and children's books you've read to your kids for bed time too ;) What is everyone crafting? We went out today and I spent $51 and some change on a new needlework project that I had gotten the pattern for at Christmas. That's not counting the bit of floss and pearl cottons I had managed to get at Michaels and a few other stores. So I'll be working on that, the book mark and I need to get some scrapping in.

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liniecat said...

Im a great reader too!
I listen to library audio books whilst working ( at my real job) but also have a thriller on the go at home too. I manage at least one of each, a week.
Im ploughing through Tess Gerrittson books at the moment and about to start on Quinton Jardine.....thrillers all.