Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guilty as Charged.

Topcho was very nice in sharing my Winter Reads link over at her Bla Bla Bla Books Blog and she has a Reading Challenge of her own: Guilty readings challenge. At first I thought this was those books that you hope no one sees you read but not necessarily. It can be those books or the books that someone gave you and your thought "Why in the world?" or that author you kept meaning to read that everyone talks about and you just read the cliff notes for so you could past the test or join the conversation. I think I will use it to read the stack of books I bought a few years ago in FL from the Clearance Book Store. They're still in a stack on the shelf of my night stand. So go over to Topcho's blog and see what it's all about.


Topcho said...

Aw, thank you for mentioning it here! And I have my own tag, LOL! You could leave your blog link in the linky of the challenge post, if you want other people to have easy access and visit it :))) Btw, I really love your definition of guilty reads - I actually haven't thought about that!

Patches said...

I'm doing 2 other reading challenges this year, and but that sounds like a good one. Aside from cross stitch reading is my other favorite past time.