Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scrappy things done on the 3rd :D

wheee! I made a calendar that counted for 3 challenges and each LO counted for 4 different challenges.

The Time for making new friends LO are my friend's children. Don't you love that hubby hid behind the daughter ROFL

Now someone just call me every day of the week except Tuesday and Thursday and remind me I should be cleaning! I figure if I put in a CD and clean during the CD I should be good and the house will slowly but eventually get clean. I need to do the ferret cage first and be quick about cleaning up their out of box experiences :p


rissa79 said...

Great Work!!

Southernbelle said...

hey zigs! wanted to stop by to say hi!!! had fun with ya during our crop this past weekend!

Taffy said...

those are awesome ziggs! :)

You've done a great job!! I love it! :)

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