Monday, August 25, 2008

Wholly Cow!

My friend Cristal on sent me a link to

Well I got signed up and found out in 10 minutes they were having a 1 hr sketch challenge! in the 10 min I had I signed up for an album, found and printed a picture, and typed out a title and some journaling.

Then after seeing the sketch I threw this together in 32 MIN!!!!! whooo hooo!

oh yeah go Ziggy it's your birthday (picture little hop with arms going around in a circle!) ROFL


Pinky said...

OK girl you can't vote for yourself so I voted for YOU! (:

Ziggyeor said...

hee hee I voted for ya too! You did use a rub-on ;)

Cee said...

Oh Zigs, I just love the pics of your babies...they sooooooo remind me of my babies... I find my stuff all over the house thinking....hmmmmm how did that get there.... all the while