Monday, August 25, 2008

I should blog more often!

LOL I feel like Becky Fleck

Hmm she had a challenge because she ignored her blog for too long! Maybe I should do one too. To bad I don't design totaly awsome sketches :p

I'll think of something :D

Another cool blog with a Cricut Giveway! Woot!

Thanks vanillajoy for getting me back on my blog :D

Oh and too bad I don't get Internet at work or this would be great discipline for children”

Ok my dinner dinged and needs to be turned or stirred.



Anonymous said...

yee haw Zig....glad you are blogging and I shall follow it! I just started blogging....and realized I have a lot to learn. I love the page with your babies! I can't believe you did that in an hour!

Ziggyeor said...

less than! Well about a half hour plus the 10 min it took running around getting the pic and journaling printed before the sketch came up!