Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grr Arg That's one bad hat Harry

I feel like the little monster thing at the end of the Firefly Episodes going Grr Arg and stomping off :p

From my 32 min LO I've been working on this one since 6:00 :p well I did check the boards and post, and ended up reading some more of Hogsfather even though I relized the quote I was looking for wasn't in there. :p It's in another book that I checked out of the library.

Speaking of the library I got an e-mail notice saying I'm missing a book and it's due in 3 days and I"m sure it was turned in because I checked out about 24 and hubby has 1 so that would have been the total :p oh well I'll have late fee anyway because it's taken him all my renewals on the book he's on now! at least it's only 10 cents a day :D

Ok going to stare at this LO some more and home some Whizz Bang Muse comes my way.


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