Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Loopy Dreams

First part I was running around town with my Dad (he lives 7 hrs from me? not sure if I was there or here) I had to run in to a Kroger to buy some things and call him to make sure we had money but all I bought was two books and a candy bar and it was 3.19? weird

We also went to a garage sale and bought some scrappy supplies for me LOL

The next Loopy dream I was back in HS running around reading, doing homework, getting an e-mail addy of a guy from a friend of mine to send them their homework cause they were out sick or something but I really wanted to hook up with ROFL! I NEVER did that in HS well not really most of the guys I dated came from the same group of friends I never had to use that round about way! The Loopiest part of my dream was the friend I was getting the info from was actually someone I knew from HS! I hadn't talked to her since 10th grade. She had some really trippy stuff, at some point in the year she ran away from home. I'll have to look through yearbooks to see if she came back :p I don't remember having classes with her after 10th grade! Wonder if her life settled down for her.


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