Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Bash Week 3

3-April 24st
Kermit Flail is one of my pinterest boards that I post things that make me want to throw my hands up like Kermit and go Wheee!
Yeah like that.
I understand we may all not be like me and Heather, from It’s Geek to Me, but there is something that makes you happy, that you obsess a little bit over, that you get people that roll their eyes when you mention it for the millionth time…in the same conversation ;) what is that thing you go all Kermit for?
Scrappers – scrapbook that thing you love or your kids, or pet, or significant other loves and geeks out over and thinks is just awesome! While everyone else smiles and nods. Your challenge though (yeah you though the geek part was the challenge) is to use that paper hoard. You know that paper, that special paper that you’re waiting for the right project, that you just had to have, and now it’s 3 or more CHA’s and you haven’t used it yet. Showcase that paper on your project! Be it LO, canvas, card or altered project.

Ok here's mine I finished it yesterday but I wanted to be sure. I used my Basic Grey Scarlett's letter paper that I just had to have when it first came out then, didn't use it for like a year until it was at HL and I could replace it. I liked this photo because it's all the Doctors and it had Party for my Birthday Theme. The journaling is about finding it and enjoying the episodes after first only ever to catch the Adipose episode. Then I saw it was all on Netflix! Still watching all the Classics from the library.
Stitchers – there’s a ton of geeky cross-stitch projects out there but if you don’t want to stitch it or have anyone to geek stitch for then find that company/designer that you wait patiently every Friday on Hofmandis to see if they’ve posted a new pattern. Lizzie Kate’s get your flip its kitted, Teresa Wentzler’s blend those threads, ohh free pattern!, HAED have fun with the confetti! Hey it is my birthday bash after all! (clicking on the names should take you to free patterns that I found while searching.
Photos- that thing that makes you Kermit Flail!
Again projects new as of today and you have a month to post your completed project or project progress if you’re stitching (remember the pic of what it will look like) It would be nice too to have a little bit about what it is that makes you Kermit Flail too 

I'll edit later with my page. Since Mr. Linky only allows one linky if you do participate just comment :)


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Things that make me Kermit Flail?

Your Pinterest Board for one thing! I've bookmarked it to show the Large Boy tomorrow, he will love it too.
We also like quirky cute cat pictures and Stuff on my Cat. Our word for these cats is Wudger Pudger. Derived from Puddy Tat, a Wuddy Puddy Tat, then into Wudger Pudger.
We also love our iPad app Dragon Story where you breed your own little dragonss.

That's the non craft stuff, now I'm off to think of some crafty based Kermit things and maybe even get round to a blog post!

Topcho said...

Lol! I laughed so hard looking at your pinterest board! I love it!I feel kinda proud I recognized almost everything there XD
The DW scrapbook sheet is lovely too. I love the sentiment :)