Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Bash Week 1

1 – April 10th Inviting –

An invitation to my Birthday Bash. It is 6 Wednesdays before my birthday and each Wednesday I will be posting a different theme for a crafty project. I will be doing a linky, I think I figured it out, and everyone can post their projects so we can all enjoy them. Since I have scrappy crafters and stitchy crafters and other creative peoples I will try to make the challenges work for everyone. I do think the projects should be started today for the scrappy people you have plenty of time to throw something together. You will have a month to include your project in the link. The stitch people I will take a new project or a WIP or a lonely UFO you can give some love to.

As I’ve thrown this idea together on Monday I haven’t decided what prizes there will be. It may be something as small as a stitched bookmark (as that seems to take me a month to stitch and then it sits!) Or I may find a small crafty item to giveaway.

Today’s Birthday Bash Week 1 theme is Invitation.

Paper people – create an invitation/card/scrap an invitation you held or received at an event.

Stitchy people – Stitch a card or some place that looks inviting. If your project is a WIP or UFO please include a photo of what the project will look like when finished.

Photos – an inviting place, event or invitation.

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