Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012

Again like last year I am hoping to blog more. Will probably see like last year where I did really well the first months and then it bottoms out mid year. Tomorrow I hope to craft once a day. I think this was a goal last year but again tapers off. Nice to set the idea out there though. I need to get stitching on the Monkey so he can be sent out on time. I won't have to go in until 11 so I should have some time in the morning to watch Netflix and stitch before running by a friends to pick something up. OH but I should do a diff crafty project...ah well it will get done eventually :p I checked over my book list from the library. The library saved me 971.25 give or take a few because Sept I trailed off in recording so I think a few Sherlock books are left off. Then I have an audio book on my new nook and about 4 that I checked out. I'm reading one of them. I don't know if it should go on this list or next years. My idea to give 10% didn't come to fruition but I did donate 2 movies for the giving tree. I got the letter from them and now I need to find it again so I can wrap it up for my parents since I donated in their name. Couldn't think of another Christmas present for them since they didn't want us to spend any money on them. Other goals for the new year are to get back into shape. Though I'm pigging out on cookies and probably a Dr. Pepper later. Maybe not I'll be up all night. I'm still wearing dresses/skirts the beginning of the month but its a little cool for some of them. I might take pics of my new skirt since that hasn't been put up yet. I hope everyone has a Happy and Crafty New Year.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Love the gif this year ;) We'll be running away with fun projects. Not quite sure what I'll do for Jan but I do have some word trees that I need to do. They were on my WIP list but didn't get done. My dragon doesn't have any trees and I'm stitching a monkey for a love quilts square. Maybe one of the book mark patterns will work too. Stitched tonight with my friends at Arbys. Our Christmas Party is this Saturday and I'll be making brussel sprouts with maple syrup I hope. At least me, L. Sully and B. will eat them if no one else will :) Had to open up the lap top today the letter c on my regular keyboard doesn't want to work. And the washing machine is damaged and needs a part. :p Was hoping to go shopping at JA's tomorrow for floss but the sale doesn't start till Sunday and by the time I can go it will probably be ran sacked. I had gotten an extra 15% off sale items but it's only good through the 30th :p Also, by now Hobby Lobby is probably out of Christmas Trees but I wanted to get the tall black one. But needing the part for the washing machine will probably limit me even if they do have one at this store. I'm trying to convince myself that I have SABLE in cross-stitch and scrapbooking supplies and I really DO NOT need a loom kit and yarn. I think I need to find a knitter or crocheter I can trade off with. Well geeky knitter that will stitch me a Doctor Who Scarf, Jayne hat and some other geek stuff (darn PINtrest) and I will cross-stitch something or scrapbook in return. Good trade off right? Well since I'm running low on battery life I will stop my rambling and get crafty. I'm floating on Dr. Pepper and probably won't sleep for a bit longer.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reading Wednesday

Over on the Zachary Quinto Community Page I post what I'm reading every Wednesday.  Going to try to remember to dust off the blog and post here too, so the blog doesn't get so lonely.

So what is everyone reading? I got a nook for Christmas and found some free Isherwood books. I checked out a bunch of books from the library. I have a Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman Signal to Noise, 3 nonfiction books one on guns and the other two are about nonreligious movement and ones a personal story from a FAiTHeist. I'm reading that one right now. It's not biography but it's about his personal religious journey from growing up with no religion, to wanting to join with a youth group and converting, then his family found a church and once he did find God he realized he was gay and that the God he found wouldn't love him. He did go to college for a Religious degree and on the way became an atheist. I'm just past where he graduated.
So that's what I'm reading how about you?  
I think the library should be starting their Winter Reads soon.  I Hope so anyway.  I'll hopefully craft some bookmarks to give away.  They had some hanging up over Christmas for people to take.  They were nice but not the best things, not sure kids could have helped.  I've stitched some in the past to give and I have two stitched ones waiting to be finished.  I bought a book of patterns to stitch too.
I've crafted some today.  I made a belated b-day card for a friend and found 2 other cards that will work for friends birthdays.  I made one more Christmas Card for the House Mouse Challenge.  I haven't listened to all my Christmas CD's so I think there will be a few more cards.  I'm still not through all my Christmas paper!  With only me and Steve there aren't a lot of pictures.  I still have my friends get together on Saturday where we'll exchange presents so I may have more photos then.  I haven't realized how much I missed paper crafting till I started making all these cards!  I need to find a scrappy/stitchy balance. 
I hope everyone had a Wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Yeah for Sharing to Pintrest.  I have one min to get this posted before heading to work :p  Next time I will remember it earlier since I'm trying to get up earlier.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking over

Well "cough cough" excuse me while I dust off the site.  50 hr work weeks are not conducive to blogging even though I did get stitching in.
I remembered I made a little book of what I wanted to get done and what I wanted to start so just leafing through.
#1. Computer Dragon (maniacal laugh) yeah lets hope I get that done before my 10th anny.  I have to do well on it this year because it's 8 1/2 right now and June will be 9 so I have a ways to go.
#2. Rivalry - nope 3rd Christmas or so since I bought that piece and I don't know when the last time I picked it up was.  I dumped it out of its bag for another project.
#3 - #5 were the Dolly Mama's these I did finish!  Well the stitching they're still in a pile looking for something to finish them with.
#6. Mardi Gras motifis - I actually did make magnets
#7. Coasters - Wine nope never even got their bag out.
#8. Welcome - Wine I know I stitched some on this but not a lot
#9 Dragon - Wintzler is what I think it says.  No that kit hasn't come out either.
#10. Winter snowman - nope not out of its bag either!
So what did I do all year?  Well I did the little USA heart and I started the big London Project and the eyeglass case, and a lot of love quilt squares for children!  So at least someone gets to see and use my stitching rather then it be in a pile for me!
Lets see if I started the projects I said I was going to start.
#1. Autumn Snowman, never found this mag and pattern.  I swore I had it.
#2. Monopoly.  I did start this but Monday stitching fell by the wayside.
#3. Ferret - yes!  And I was debating on how to put name or something on it.  Also, looking for another ferret pattern because just yesterday I lost my Ponder and now I should do a piece for him.  I don't want to stitch the same thing but something about the same size for a white/gray ferret.
#4. London - Did a good start and got just over a page done.  My Mom bought me a pattern that I will use for the Winter Olympics in 2014
#5. Ornaments Aunts - uh no and #6 Uncles no too.
#7 Tree of Stitches - the threads are pulled still but never asked for the pattern though its clogged up my gmail with following the thread.  Ah I need to get in there and tidy up.  I still like that pattern though.
#8. Wedding Sampler - nope you'd think my project for my 10 year Anny should be that wouldn't you? :p
#9. Apron's - no this still has thread that I bought for it what a Thanksgiving ago?  One day I will get all of Donna's stitchy presents that she gives me done!
#10. Wine Country - no I think this was the big kit she got for me.  But I did start the eyeglass case in needlepoint.  I have to do back stitching and put the thing together.  Lets see if I get this done before our party next week :p

I agree that a lot of stuff on that list needs to be done.  But then I'll go to Love Quilts and see an adorable theme and have to stitch!  I finished a Noah's Ark and even though it didn't go to the intended child because I couldn't stitch fast enough (and I worked on London during the Olympics) It did go to a child who will love it.  So did several squares this year.  I think it's the most I've ever done in a year for Love Quilts.
I've also bought a great many magazines and more patterns!  We went to Cincinatti on our way back home from Thanksgiving and I stopped in an LNS and bought my letter M by Mirabella.  I'm changing out some of the colors because I don't like the greens in my M.
I think this year is going to be an owly year.  I found lots of cute owl patterns in magazines and on pintrest!  I think my X-stitch board has sable patterns on it already!

Merry Christmas to everyone and be thankful that you survived the Mayan Apocalypse.