Sunday, March 11, 2012

When we were headed back home there were 3 Balloons.  I tried to get pics, at least hubs' car has a moon roof so I could get a better shot.
How was your Spring Forward?  I woke up and was hitting my snooze button and then realizing that I hadn't moved my clock so it wasn't an hour ahead.  At least I wake up with several hours before I had to get to work.  Had 2 calls today where peoples phones wouldn't auto update.  Everything else in the house was fine except my alarm clock and the big wall clock, not sure if hubs had changed it I hadn't looked yet.
I'm doing a project for my MIL and I was trying to get friends to help me.  I didn't want to post the pic to facebook on the off chance that she would see it but no where on Hobby Lobby's site or The Paper Studio did they have a picture of this object :p  I got the paper in it and was hoping to do more but since I checked out Pride and Prejudice and have only a week from the library I need to watch it.  Of course the 2 days I have the most time to watch it I didn't :p
Work has us staying an hour late and it's updated in our schedules that way so I can't do a half hour early and half hour afterwards like I wanted :p  I'll have to find out what to do about next Thurs when I took sometime off and see if I need to put in for that hour or what.  Don't they understand stitching time with friends is important too ;)
And tomorrow I must remember to leave early to get to the pharmacy and get my allergy meds.  I thought I had some more somewhere and I was wrong :sniffle:


milly said...


great balloon photos! We had one over our house this weekend. I love watching them.

Our clocks haven't changed yet.

Hope your sniffles can be treated.

Mouse said...

love the balloons .. hope you get the prezzie sorted and you get your meds too .. our clocks go forward on the 25th of this month :) love mouse xxxxx

Mangogirl said...

I gave you a Liebster Blog award
:D for your cute little ferret. Check out my blog for the details