Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dress Up Catch Up

Hubs and I went to Atlanta over the weekend and even though I brought the portable with me I didn't up load pics :p  Also, the only pic taken of the 2 of us was when we went to the Aquarium and we didn't buy the pics.  The only pic I got of hubs was a weird shot when I got him petting the sharks and rays at the Chattanooga aquarium.
So here's Friday, Sunday, Monday and Today

 I wore that hat all weekend. I had my butterfly dress and jeggings with a brown turtleneck for Friday.  Also, wore my yellow sketchers for comfort rather than my sneakers.  Think I got some odd looks but :p on them ;)
 New hose that I bought on clearance at Charmin Charlies.  Which reminds me I have pics in my phone of some necklaces that I liked.
 bad photo :p

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Adrienne said...

Love these outfts, lookin' good!