Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Bash Week 3

3-April 24st
Kermit Flail is one of my pinterest boards that I post things that make me want to throw my hands up like Kermit and go Wheee!
Yeah like that.
I understand we may all not be like me and Heather, from It’s Geek to Me, but there is something that makes you happy, that you obsess a little bit over, that you get people that roll their eyes when you mention it for the millionth time…in the same conversation ;) what is that thing you go all Kermit for?
Scrappers – scrapbook that thing you love or your kids, or pet, or significant other loves and geeks out over and thinks is just awesome! While everyone else smiles and nods. Your challenge though (yeah you though the geek part was the challenge) is to use that paper hoard. You know that paper, that special paper that you’re waiting for the right project, that you just had to have, and now it’s 3 or more CHA’s and you haven’t used it yet. Showcase that paper on your project! Be it LO, canvas, card or altered project.

Ok here's mine I finished it yesterday but I wanted to be sure. I used my Basic Grey Scarlett's letter paper that I just had to have when it first came out then, didn't use it for like a year until it was at HL and I could replace it. I liked this photo because it's all the Doctors and it had Party for my Birthday Theme. The journaling is about finding it and enjoying the episodes after first only ever to catch the Adipose episode. Then I saw it was all on Netflix! Still watching all the Classics from the library.
Stitchers – there’s a ton of geeky cross-stitch projects out there but if you don’t want to stitch it or have anyone to geek stitch for then find that company/designer that you wait patiently every Friday on Hofmandis to see if they’ve posted a new pattern. Lizzie Kate’s get your flip its kitted, Teresa Wentzler’s blend those threads, ohh free pattern!, HAED have fun with the confetti! Hey it is my birthday bash after all! (clicking on the names should take you to free patterns that I found while searching.
Photos- that thing that makes you Kermit Flail!
Again projects new as of today and you have a month to post your completed project or project progress if you’re stitching (remember the pic of what it will look like) It would be nice too to have a little bit about what it is that makes you Kermit Flail too 

I'll edit later with my page. Since Mr. Linky only allows one linky if you do participate just comment :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Amazon April and Birthday Bash Week 2

First an Amazon April post because I didn’t get around to it last night (plus I realized I’ll be linking it up and maybe someone will check it out!)

Can you tell any difference from the beginning of the month?
Week 2 April 17th
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31
I will be turning 31 this year and will be in my Prime …well prime number! Yeah that’s what that sequence of numbers is up to 31, unique numbers that can only be divided by 1 and itself. So today is a challenge by the numbers!
Paper People – Use the sketch from Page Maps

You must use 2 photos, 3 patterned papers and prime numbers of embellishments ex: 5 flowers 7 brads in your blog post put what and how much you’ve used.
Extra challenge scrap you or a loved one in ‘their prime’ dig out those 2nd birthday pictures of your children that you haven’t scrapped yet. That illusive 23rd birthday where you forgot the camera and there may be one fuzzy cell phone pic.

Sketch, 2 pictures from my 3rd Birthday, 3 PP’s in my background, 7 Cardstock Stickers, 5 colors of sharpie (journaling is in 1 but I traced around some of the stickers you can kinda tell), 3 stamps, one stamp 5 times, 11 fussy cut snacks
Your project must be new as of today April 17th ;) and you have one month to post it.
Stitchers – a number project! Find that 12 days of Christmas you’ve been meaning to do and make an ornament. Have a sampler project with numbers? Haul it out and kit it up. Again if the project is large and/or a WIP and you are unable to post a completed picture in four weeks show an in progress photo with a picture of what it will be when it’s finished.
Photos – prime numbers or things in groups of prime numbers, or people or things of a prime age.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Bash Week 1

1 – April 10th Inviting –

An invitation to my Birthday Bash. It is 6 Wednesdays before my birthday and each Wednesday I will be posting a different theme for a crafty project. I will be doing a linky, I think I figured it out, and everyone can post their projects so we can all enjoy them. Since I have scrappy crafters and stitchy crafters and other creative peoples I will try to make the challenges work for everyone. I do think the projects should be started today for the scrappy people you have plenty of time to throw something together. You will have a month to include your project in the link. The stitch people I will take a new project or a WIP or a lonely UFO you can give some love to.

As I’ve thrown this idea together on Monday I haven’t decided what prizes there will be. It may be something as small as a stitched bookmark (as that seems to take me a month to stitch and then it sits!) Or I may find a small crafty item to giveaway.

Today’s Birthday Bash Week 1 theme is Invitation.

Paper people – create an invitation/card/scrap an invitation you held or received at an event.

Stitchy people – Stitch a card or some place that looks inviting. If your project is a WIP or UFO please include a photo of what the project will look like when finished.

Photos – an inviting place, event or invitation.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Now This is a use of ORTS!

I love Mr. X Stitch! If you don't follow him on facebook or his blog you should.

I know a lot of us are keeping our orts for the TUSAL. What do you do with them at the end? I'm interested in the making paper bit. Some of these are far more creative than my rectangular rainbow tribbles!

Update You should now be able to click on Mr. X Stitch and be taken to the blog link. I did the link before but there were no words to click on :p

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I've had a great weekend camping out in Asheville NC. It was my husbands birthday on Saturday and he wanted to go camping so I took the time off. It was freaking cold! There was frost on the car Saturday morning and my feet were freezing still so he drove me up to the bath house. An air mattress makes for a comfortable sleep but all that air is cold, I don't think it would have been any better if we had just used our self inflatable mats though.

Do not go to the Biltmore on spur of the moment! We saw the ticket prices and walked right out. My mother later said when she looked online that you can get the tickets $10 or $15 cheaper. That's still not enough it was 59 bux a person! I'm sorry for house and some flowers to walk around? I'll wait till more flowers bloom and the leaves turn green and go hiking. We should have gone to the Arborium, I'm not sure if there was a price but their flowers were probably just as pretty.

If you do go to Asheville go to Tupelo Honey Cafe. Best Biscuits EVER! I know this because my husband likes them and he doesn't like biscuits. Downtown location is hard to get into, go to the southern one. Beer is everywhere and it's pretty much all good. There was a brown ale that I liked that I'll have to look for the coaster.

We pretty much just drove around the area and up the blue ridge parkway. I had him stop by the Folk Art Center. Beautiful exhibit of all local crafts like weaving, doll making, and quilting. Just look at the gift shop and buy a post card, unless you have the money! I looked and saw one price tag on an afghan and had a bit of a shock, but at least I know the time and effort that went into making that look beautiful! People, you severely undersell yourself on etsy and other places. Yes I understand that the Folk Art Center is master crafters but still! I did find a lovely set of cards for $11 that was of a Halloween scene and bunnies! Two of my favorite things.

I'll post pics from camping once I get them loaded up. I need to find a good place to share my 3D photos. I hope my photos came out nice too because of the glare on my screen I was pretty much seeing myself and not the beautiful views!

Forgot all about a Wednesday reads post. I've the same book sitting on my nightstand anyway and keep renewing it :p Hopefully I will get some reading time in.