Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Well a bit embarrassed. I was listening to Neverwhere and discovered that Anesthesia is the Rat Speakers name not Anathema like I thought. But still having one rat Cheery and the other Anathema is pretty funny. We just call her Ane now. ;)

I need to get the conglomeration Theme-a-licious, TUSAL and WIPocolypse post together but today I'm finishing a canvas. A geeky themed canvas.

She's meant to be Idris. I found a template from Such A Pretty Mess and cut her out with Basic Grey Periphery papers. The background is various paint and Creme Soda pixi stick from Prima. I stamped the stripes and then used a Jenni Bowling clock face rub-on and managed to get most of it off though it didn't like glittery paint. I did grunge hinges in black soot distress powder for the clock hands.

This was for a challenge over at Flying Unicorn to use architecture. I'm hoping the clock counts :)

I haven't yet watched the new episode of Doctor Who so I'm trying to stay away from Pintrest for all the photos and spoilers. I may need to find it and watch it here in a few.

I hope everyone has had a Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Rats Won out

For being a cheaper pet that can be easily taken care of we got 2 female rats tonight. The cage we got was a ferret cage on sale (way too small for a ferret you might get 6 months) The ferrets I named Pratchett and Ponder after a favorite author and character. The bottle has a turtle in it to see where the level in it and it makes me think of Disc World so one set of names I'm considering is Cheery & Littlebottom. Since the cage and wheel are blue I'm thinking Doctor Who: Clara & Idris. Or Neverwhere since we are dealing with rats Anathamea and Lady Door. Which names are you thinking? Just not Mickey and Minnie like my mother suggested ;)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday I will stitch!

I went back out on Wednesday and went to the library and to the other 2 craft stores.

At the library I got the 2nd in the True Blood Graphic Novels, read Cat Fancy since they had a kitten issue this month and then got two books on cats. Decided to get Doctor Who on DVD with the 2nd Doctor called The Mind Robber. I've seen it on netflix but this has extras like the audio commentary that I like to watch. Also, since I did read 6 books in the time frame for their Winter Reads I picked up my prize. Lets hope I really do like coming back to Michael Connelly because they had his book The Black Box. They did have a nice mix of books and graphic novels, a few YA novels and some audio. Also in my envelope was a Thank You card with a picture of the original library, a book fine pass for $10 this time instead of $7 if I get any fines before May 31, 2013 and a $10 gift card to B&N. I just need to decide if I'm going to save it for a magazine/book next month or if I'll put it on my nook to get an ebook or apps.

At the craft stores I didn't find a charm but JA's finally had a pack of Baseball buttons and the shoe looks good enough. I'm stitching something for an MS Walk and I didn't want to use the awareness ribbon that came with the chart. I'm hoping I can get off work that Saturday that the walk is scheduled. I'd been able to do the walk for 3 years and now I don't have Saturdays off and I forgot completely!

While driving home I realized another reason not to have a kitten. Today my friends from High School have set out to plan another get together sometime this summer to Chicago. If I get the kitten then that's money that should have gone to Chicago and I wouldn't get to go. Now the cat for adoption might be different since that would be money spent now since it's already declawed. Or I can always wait for a rat. Anyone wondering why I'd get a cat and then go on a trip, the trip will probably be a long weekend and my BiL lives with us so he could check on the pet.

Later on today I will be out with my stitchy friends to eat out and stitch in public. Just because we can and to heck with the people who stare at us ;) I will gather my bookmark supplies and start stitching!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What are you Reading?

Well Winter Reads is over but I'm still doing book reports! I'm reading a book on blogging for creatives. Maybe I can spice up this blog some! Or at least how to make paragraphs! I still haven't figured out why it is I can enter and tab all day and no paragraphs. I've been scrapping this weekend at Colorful Creations Pot of Gold Crop I'm working on Challenge 10 right now. This photo is of my parents wedding for the 1st challenge green and a kiss. It was the first kiss picture I found and I even went through all my wedding pics! I guess I had scrapped mine already. Since my ferrets have gone I so want another pet. I've been thinking about a cat or rats. Two totally different pets! The rats would be easy to keep in an aquarium but I don't know when the Petco aquariums will go on sale and their bedding and food is reasonable. We've had rats before, Steve had one named Buddy when we met and one named Hercules that the pet store gave to him because its owners couldn't care for it but didn't want it to be snake food. The cat however I have two things I'm considering. One is a friend who brought in an outside cat because it was about to have kittens. The kittens would be ready to leave Momma cat around the first of April. So I could buy stuff for the kitten now and then at PetSmart its 38.95 one time membership and 28.95 a month for a year and this covers all vet and the spay and neuter. However, hubs will not agree to a cat unless its declawed and that would be 250 when it gets spayed/neutered so they do it all at once and keep it over for two days. Of course to keep thinking on this I go into the pet stores and the Petco has a beautiful medium haired black cat named Wallace that is already declawed. But instead of buying the things a little at a time until April we'd have to buy it all now. Trust me those cats go fast at Petco! I swear it rare that I go in and see the same cat next week.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I put all the names into the hat, shook the hat above my head and then reached up and selected a name. With so many comments Topcho had her name in the hat a few times. At least now she gets a nice bookmark too rather than just one with a Crazy Madam Name! I think I still have your sending info just let me know which of the Stoney Creek bookmarks you want me to stitch for you!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Reads Give-Away!

It's the end of Winter Reads! Did you read 6 books? Ah well if you did or didn't post what you read and Tomorrow Night I will see how many people commented and put their names in the hat. I will go back over the Wednesday posts and see who posted on those too for an extra name in the drawing. The person I draw will pick a bookmark pattern from the Stoney Creek book and I will stitch it for them. (Note I have done the one for the Grow Your Blog and it will be to Emily C as soon as I finish it nicely. Same with Ms. Topcho!) I didn't keep a good list of what I read since Jan. When the Reading Program at the Library finally started they have drawings so you put your review on slips of paper. I know my first book was The Glass Menagerie and one for Jaspar Fforde's the Last Dragon Slayer. I also had a graphic novel was the last one I did it was called I Never Really Liked You. I also, downloaded the 8 series Doctor Who/Star Trek cross-over and read those. I tried to listen to Glass Menagerie but didn't get all the way through before it was deleted. I need to put it back in my ereader holds. It would be nice if the Nook Tablet had bluetooth so I could sync it with my car and listen on my drive there. The speakers aren't loud enough for all the road noise. I have to look over my posts to see what else I read! I had downloaded another Doctor Who adventure The Magic of the Angels. It's a Ponds' story and it was nice to read them again. I like the novels, they're geared to kids so it's a quick easy read and fills in some of the lone adventures or other adventures you know they had but don't get filmed. I had some crafty books that I read/looked through for inspiration so I didn't write full up reviews on them but I think I did one for Eco-Books. That one was pretty cool but haven't made a book yet. I did like Art at the Speed of Life, she doesn't do my kind of art and not too into mixed media canvas things yet but it was pretty cool. When you get craft books do you read them cover to cover or just skip around? I had gotten some needlecraft books but didn't actually read it. I looked at the pictures of all the different stitches.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stitching a Picture a Day

Last Month I was going to do Fat Mum Slim's picture a day but only ended up doing a picture here and there. This month has been a bit better even if the pics aren't all that great. 1. is L is for Late Night Stitching. I worked on my needle point. 2. Is I made this which is more I'm working on making my letter M from Nora Corbett. I bought the fabric Saturday so I got started. 3. is key so it's the Love Quilt Square I just signed up for and it's color key. Also, it's keeping up with the Theme-a-licious March Madness and stitching something different each day. I may keep this up but I've got most of the Love Quilt Square done today thanks to finishing up a Doctor Who DVD before I took it back to the library so I may just finish that off so I can send it in way before time. I may ask to do the other rocket in the series. The World of Cross-stitching has these as small patterns so I'm doing it on 11 count and using 3 and 2 threads instead of 14 count 2 and 1 threads. I have a little bit more of the background to stitch and the back stitching. I'll see what I feel like doing when I come home from work and the gym tomorrow. I need to remember that my hockey game starts right when I get off work so I can turn that on instead of Pandora while I work out. It's been a bit chilly and trying to snow but it was so warm the past few days the snow didn't stick so that made me a bit happy to drive. Hopefully it will warm up and I'll get to wear my cute shoes of doom on Wednesday. I'll have to take care of my toes first though :p Anyone else wanting warmer weather? Oh and if anyone is on instagram my name is melissa_ziggy. I've been uploading there for the photo a day so the pics look a little bit better there with a bit of filter.