Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What are you Reading?

Well Winter Reads is over but I'm still doing book reports! I'm reading a book on blogging for creatives. Maybe I can spice up this blog some! Or at least how to make paragraphs! I still haven't figured out why it is I can enter and tab all day and no paragraphs. I've been scrapping this weekend at Colorful Creations Pot of Gold Crop I'm working on Challenge 10 right now. This photo is of my parents wedding for the 1st challenge green and a kiss. It was the first kiss picture I found and I even went through all my wedding pics! I guess I had scrapped mine already. Since my ferrets have gone I so want another pet. I've been thinking about a cat or rats. Two totally different pets! The rats would be easy to keep in an aquarium but I don't know when the Petco aquariums will go on sale and their bedding and food is reasonable. We've had rats before, Steve had one named Buddy when we met and one named Hercules that the pet store gave to him because its owners couldn't care for it but didn't want it to be snake food. The cat however I have two things I'm considering. One is a friend who brought in an outside cat because it was about to have kittens. The kittens would be ready to leave Momma cat around the first of April. So I could buy stuff for the kitten now and then at PetSmart its 38.95 one time membership and 28.95 a month for a year and this covers all vet and the spay and neuter. However, hubs will not agree to a cat unless its declawed and that would be 250 when it gets spayed/neutered so they do it all at once and keep it over for two days. Of course to keep thinking on this I go into the pet stores and the Petco has a beautiful medium haired black cat named Wallace that is already declawed. But instead of buying the things a little at a time until April we'd have to buy it all now. Trust me those cats go fast at Petco! I swear it rare that I go in and see the same cat next week.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

No contest! Get the rats. Declawing a cat is illegal in the UK. I was completely horrified that it's still done in civilised countries. Do they remove their teeth as well so they can't bite?

Domestic rats are cute though, totally different to wild ones.

Ziggyeor said...

I think it gets tougher to find vets that will do declawings. Steve's had cats before and even if you catch them scratching they're smart enough to find places where you won't catch them.
I'd be willing to try and trim them like we used to do the ferrets but I don't think you can scruff a cat like we did the ferrets.
Funny though, Wallace did try for a nibble but whomever his humans were last taught him well because he nibbled like the ferrets, kids would say he bit but it was just play.