Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Reads Give-Away!

It's the end of Winter Reads! Did you read 6 books? Ah well if you did or didn't post what you read and Tomorrow Night I will see how many people commented and put their names in the hat. I will go back over the Wednesday posts and see who posted on those too for an extra name in the drawing. The person I draw will pick a bookmark pattern from the Stoney Creek book and I will stitch it for them. (Note I have done the one for the Grow Your Blog and it will be to Emily C as soon as I finish it nicely. Same with Ms. Topcho!) I didn't keep a good list of what I read since Jan. When the Reading Program at the Library finally started they have drawings so you put your review on slips of paper. I know my first book was The Glass Menagerie and one for Jaspar Fforde's the Last Dragon Slayer. I also had a graphic novel was the last one I did it was called I Never Really Liked You. I also, downloaded the 8 series Doctor Who/Star Trek cross-over and read those. I tried to listen to Glass Menagerie but didn't get all the way through before it was deleted. I need to put it back in my ereader holds. It would be nice if the Nook Tablet had bluetooth so I could sync it with my car and listen on my drive there. The speakers aren't loud enough for all the road noise. I have to look over my posts to see what else I read! I had downloaded another Doctor Who adventure The Magic of the Angels. It's a Ponds' story and it was nice to read them again. I like the novels, they're geared to kids so it's a quick easy read and fills in some of the lone adventures or other adventures you know they had but don't get filmed. I had some crafty books that I read/looked through for inspiration so I didn't write full up reviews on them but I think I did one for Eco-Books. That one was pretty cool but haven't made a book yet. I did like Art at the Speed of Life, she doesn't do my kind of art and not too into mixed media canvas things yet but it was pretty cool. When you get craft books do you read them cover to cover or just skip around? I had gotten some needlecraft books but didn't actually read it. I looked at the pictures of all the different stitches.


Tama said...

I don't know if I was supposed to sign up earlier or not but I'll give it a shot, anyway! I read 'Hope for the Flowers', 'A Bad Spell in Yurt', 'The Discovery of King Arthur', 'Bitter Harvest', 'Lizzie', and I'm almost done with 'The Boomerang Clue' by Agatha Christie :D

Topcho said...

Here is my report, lol! I had great time with the Winter reads, and it certainly gives some sense of accomplishment XD
Thanks for organazing!
P.S. - a certain post label made me lol :D