Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 5 May 8th It’s almost my Birthday! One more week! Besides my Birthday my favorite holiday is Halloween. I also love bunnies. I found this cute card over at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC called Harvest Festival by Debbie Littledeer. It combines Halloween and Bunnies! People who know me from crafting and some past crafty boards my friend Janelle/Tallulah would do a puzzle swap and one year I requested Mardi Gras Bunnies. I killed them with my requests but they nailed it! I know you will nail this challenge too!

Scrappers – Scrapbook a birthday or any holiday, other than Easter, with a prominent bunny somewhere on your new as of today: LO, Card, mixed media or altered item, Oh look bunny decoupage! Remember the bunny must be going to a non-Easter related holiday!
Also, go to Flying Unicorn to play with the Glitter Challenge and Colorful Creations is having a sketch a thon and they served as a jumping off point for my LO tonight.

Stitchers – Well kinda obvious but stitch a bunny! I suppose you may be limited to whatever bunny you have on hand but if at all possible switch out some colors to make it more Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas. Oh wait I’m not crazy! Plum Street Samplers likes combining things like I do! So they’re hares not bunnies, they’re related!
Hare’s Autumn
Hare's Halloween Ohh on my wish list now!
OH and I checked the freebies! Hare’s flying on a broomstick.
I swear one day my house will just be decorated in Halloween Cross-stitch because I will never want to take them down.

Photos- a bunny if you can get it! Or holiday garb with bunny ears ;)
All items new as of today, you will have a month to post your completed project or stitchy project progress with photos of what the item will be when it’s finished!


Topcho said...

Lol, this is one bunny gallore! XD Somehow bunnies + Halloween makes me think of Bunnicula!

Ziggyeor said...

LOL yeah I loved those books!