Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good News, Bad News and ARG!

 Good News I finished my bookmark at work today.  Deciding how I want to finish him so I can give him to the library.  I think I have Xyron sticker maker with sticky to laminate so I could laminate and stick it to card stock.  Or could just stick it to card stock.  I mainly want to protect the back of it, but since it's being given to kids I want it durable.
 Bad News.  When I went was going out to my car I didn't have the pouch my project was in deep in my purse because I brought my umbrella with me.  So I swung the purse getting into the car and it dropped shattering my Ort Ornie.  However the Orts slid right out from under it and the pieces were pretty large so I still have that unlike when my first TUSAL Jar broke.
The ARG is my work mandating OT.  We're supposed to do our week day off but of course this is the 2 weeks where I actually have stuff I planned for Friday.  So I'm working one Sat 9-2 (they agreed to a 5hr rather than an 8hr because it was too short notice for people to work I guess)  Then next week I'll just do 4 10hr days and a regular day on Thurs so I have my weekend plans.
So now to hunt down the Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker while I contemplate a different Ort container.  must remember that  plastic travels better :p

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIPoclaypse April

 I started on the Iguana bookmark yesterday.  I found out I won a free pattern from Funk and Weber and it's the week to donate bookmarks.  So I better get busy!  I did a lot of that at work today, I had this piece so I'm stitching over one and I think I need to find me a smaller needle.  I also need to get reading with them!  I still haven't participated in the book group except I think when they were discussing The Graveyard Book.  I had all ready read that one.  Right now they're reading The Help, that may be on the Hot Reads at the library so I may have to pay for it.  Currently I finished a book about Glock, I'm reading a book called Moby-Duck.  It's about how the author tried to track down a lost shipment of children's toys.  Then I have the Graphic Novels Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.  Even if you don't think you're a Graphic Novel person you should read these, they are an autobiography of her life growing up in Iran during the revolutions and the wars.  I think the last book ended in the 80's when she was being sent away and then Persepolis 2 is about her return, I finished the first book but haven't started the 2nd.  Tomorrow at work my friend is bringing me a copy of The Hunger Games since I don't seem to get around to reading it on my husbands tablet.
 I've stitched a bit on Dolly Mama.  I was hoping to do Amazon April over at It's Geek to Me's Blog and stitch on my Dragon piece but the best time to do that is weekends and it looks pretty full.  I may need to work ot hours on this and next Friday.  Saturday is the MS Walk if anyone would like to donate to team Cook Bacon I'd appreciate it.  My friend Bacon and I will be walking 2 miles because that's her limit ;)  I also signed up for the one in my town but I found out that's the weekend that hubs and I were going to Chattanooga for a special event at the Aquarium.  A new exhibit is opening and they are having a member event.  We don't have to stay Saturday but I don't want to feel rushed getting back and I don't have anyone else walking with me in that event anyway.  Bacon's not going to drive that far, it's far enough to get to Nashville.
I haven't been posting Dress Up Day pics because they are too repetitive.  I did like this outfit though with my layered stockings.  You can see a bit in the picture that the fishnets are shiny.  I needed a purple shiny day to give me a boost.  Work is :p and it's my fault, I failed two of my surveys.  Bah humbug but it'll get better.  OH and last weekend we went out to Opry Mills because they had just reopened and I got a dress at Old Navy so I'll take a pic when I wear that but it's too casual to wear to work.  Granted I'll end up wearing my plaid baby doll dress to work if I go in on Friday 13th ;)  Also, some women need a memo that leggings are not the same thing as pants.  I was complaining to my boss but they aren't enforcing the dress code as strictly as they said they would.  Then some of the people on my team were wearing them too and even though they were curvy it still looked OK, but there was someone I saw today that I just thought "Did you look at yourself in the mirror before you went out?"
Ah well, It's also the start of the Stanley Cup Finals, in Hockey.  First game was tonight and my Penguins lost to hubs Flyers in ot 4-3.  Which wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't been up 3-0 at the end of the first :p  We need to do better!!  I should be stitching my hockey stitch while watching the game then huh?  I think it's been two finals that I've stitched through now and the thing still isn't done!
Well goodnight and sorry for my rambling ons.  I need to get better at posting so I don't have so much to say in one go!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

Well more like March Fools!  I hardly got on in March.  I did all my Dress Up Days but I just didn't get pictures and its all the same outfit over and over.
However this Saturday I went on a little spending spree and got some hose clearance on Target, sweater ones for next winter and some solid ones.  I paired it up with the purple hose I got from Charming Charlies a few weeks ago.
Then I did stitch on my ferret on Friday while watching The National Parks documentary on Netflix.  I ran out of brown and had to go to Michael's to pick one up.  I thought I had a 50% coupon at home but I guess it expired and I didn't print it in time.  Did get 40% off another box to organize my room with, when I went to Hobby Lobby I found the same thing but cheaper :p so I got a different style.

Today starts Script Frenzy, I'm debating still.  I've done NaNoWriMo where you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  This is a 100 page script for anything, movie, play, graphic novel.  I only seem to write in November, between the cross-stitch and the scrap booking (which I haven't done much of) I don't make time.  I've made more time for riding the bike since it's nice out in the morning and I go to the gym after work Mon-Wed.  I now have one of the guys helping me with exercise so maybe I'll actually lose weight rather than stay the same. (probably help if I stopped drinking Dr. Pepper)