Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm so excited!

1. It's my B-day tomorrow!

2. I'll see my friends in the evening for stitching and food :D

3. I won Glue!! That describes the package I won though it doesn't show it. Basically I don't think I'll have to ask Steve to get me glue for a while ;)

They must like people named Melissa because last Friday's winner was a Melissa too ;) Someone must have told them it was my B-day :D

Tomorrow morning I hope the rain stays away so I can pick up garbage on the Greenway. Yup that's right it's my B-day and I'll be picking up other people's trash! But I've been going for walks out there and I can't stand it anymore! I was about prepared to go out with a garbage bag myself but it will be a lot more fun with a bunch of other people :D

Hope Good Luck comes your way!

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