Saturday, February 7, 2009


I loved Coraline! It was great. I think it helped that I decided not to reread the book online so I wouldn't nitpick too but it was a beautifully made, engaging movie and the 3D effects were stunning.

My nephew expressed a willingness to come with me so instead of the 4:15 showing I went to the 9:30 and then we went over to Waffle House and hung out with his Dad for a bit.

I am now loaded with the "in the know" words LOL too funny I wasn't expecting that!

So I will be off to the site to input my words ;)

Definatly splurge to see this movie!

after checking my words I will check my contest :D


Katamommy said...

Mmmmmmm...Waffle House! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!

Taffy said...

i'm so glad you had a good time w/your nephew at the movie! I wanted to see it but i totally forgot about it! :( Maybe soon.. :)