Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 8th

Well no picture contests to keep going so I haven't updated in a while :p

I like to read Neil Gaiman's Journal

sometime ago he posted a link to

really interesting and I found a great singer by looking at Fiona Apple's similar artists. Her name is Regina Spektor
check her out if you haven't heard her!

So far I've been working on some scrapbooking. I finally printed some pictures at my work so I'm scrapping those simply to put on my walls at work. Also, doing a few for families at my work too.

Have puzzles that I'm decorating in a puzzle swap.

Need to do Easter/Spring cards!

Working on a cross-stitch piece for a friend who gave me her stash! Almost done with it. I'm doing backstitching right now :) After I finish it though I'll start work on a Tweety for one of my coworkers and then she want's a Care Bear for another child and might be doing a horse. I'm determined though that through out the Hockey Play Off's I will stitch for myself! I've got a project picked out too :D Thinking of doing a project too when the olympics start :)

Also, need to finish reading Julie and Julia a book about a woman who decides she's going to cook every reciepe in Julia Childs Mastering the Art of French Cooking and goes around New York trying to find brains, livers, and bones to extract marrow from! I'm not the greatest cook either so I laugh along with her when things don't go right.

I have another book to start called Three Cups of Tea. I know this one takes place in Afghanastan (sp? sorry bout that) I just finished A Thousand Splended Suns. You need a box of tissue beside you for that! I was sitting among sleeping one year olds trying to quietly bawl my eyes out :p

Ok that's about it for what I'm doing now :)


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