Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Self Portrait a Day

Jan 1st use of Mirror

Jan 2nd You can't see me!


Jan 3rd First thing in Morning

Jan 4th Funky Hair

Jan 5th WHY? am I UP at 4:30 in the fraggin morning?!

Jan 6th The hand of a scrapbooker


Jan 7th Toe crazyness

Jan 8th Hair

Jan 9th arm :p

Jan 10th my leg after paint day with the kids.

Jan 11 holding something :p couldn't be bothered to think of another shot :p


Jan 12th
More Mirror fun and got a shot without the camera in it and this was the better one I had brushed my hair and then put it behind my ears so it still was sticking out :p

Winter Blogspot Challenge

1. angelangels

2. blueblue

3. boots

4. brotherbrother

5. candy canecandy cane

6. christmas eve
christmas eve
7. cookies

.8 cool Photobucket

9. cousinPhotobucket

10. friendPhotobucket

11. giftgift

12. gingerbread

13. glitterglitter

14. gold

15. greengreen

16. heart

17. hot chocolate

18. hug

19. icicle

20. kisskiss

21. love

22. mittins

23. nativitynativity

24. pink!

25. quilt

26. redred

27. ribbon

28. Santasanta

29. scarf

30. silver

31. singing

32. sistersister

33. skating

34. sliding

35. snowball Photobucket

36. snowflake Photobucket

37. snugglesnuggle

38. soup

39. sprinkles

40. star

41. stockingstockings

42. storybook

43. sunrise

44. sunset

45. sweetheart

46. treetree

47. Valentine

48. warmth Photobucket

49. whitewhite

50. windy


Ziggyeor said...

ok so learning what doesn't work :p

Cassie said...

cool are you going to scrap each of those?!

Taffy said...

mkLove all your stuff! Welcome to blogging :)

btw, i didn't see pix of your two lil furbaby monsters ;) AKA your ferrets:)

Ziggyeor said...

maybe not each but most of those will be scrapped.

No haven't done the monsters yet. I'll do them next month :)

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by..looks like your going to have a lot to scrapbook!